Smoozed the Multihoster comes off with best ratings in the tests

Smoozed believes that three offers are optimal and contain significant features that are relevant to the user. The only difference between the offers is the duration. Too many offers and packages only confuse the potential customer. To the three valid offers:

  • 1 month term is charged with 9,95 Euro
  • 6 months term cost reduced 29.95 euros, the original price was 49.99 euros
  • 12 months are charged at 39,95 Euro, the original price is 99,99 Euro

It is worth mentioning that the services such as the daily data volume of 50 GB, free access to VPN and access to about 40 filehosters are the same. So if you book the recommendable Smoozed Premium Account, you get something for your money. Smoozed does not promise too much and keeps its promises. The new customer wants to be sure first and books a month. Who is convinced of Smoozed, decides for the tariff with the term of 6 or 12 months. It is worth mentioning that the reduced rates were originally calculated at 49.99 euros and 99.99 euros. The monthly fee for the 1-year tariff is around 3.30 euros. A similar low tariff with a variety of special conditions and discounts cannot be found in the competition. It is wise for new customers to make a quick decision in order to benefit from the reduced rates.

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Smoozed introduces itself on the Internet

Smoozed is an up-and-coming progressive company with a wide range of services. Smoozed presents the advantages in key points:

  • diverse selection of filehosters
  • extremely low annual tariff
  • Customer service is available in German and English

Smoozed Addon for the Chrom Browser allows to bypass the waiting times and speed limits on the accessible internet pages. A bonus offer is interesting for some customers. Whoever wins a customer for Smoozed gets 40% on the first sale and another 30% on subsequent orders. Smoozed operates internationally and promises the best possible data protection.

Testers refer to some criteria

The opening of the Smoozed Premium Account ensures the use of at least 40 filehosters. The download volume of 50 GB daily is quite reasonable. >The free VPN access is another highlight. Not only the security standards are worth mentioning, but also the antivirus check, which is active with every download. Basically, the security in terms of data traffic is crucial for many customers. Smoozed is the combination of various interesting extras and functions, according to the test report. The jDownloader plugin allows the secure management of all downloads, which is especially well received in a review, as is the caching system. Security and privacy are a priority for Smoozed.

Smoozed presents established and unknown filehosters

Smoozed scores with about 40 filehosters, which are available when booking Smoozed Premium. In practice, it looks like 40 filehosters are usable, but not all 40 are always available. The experienced buyer expects this; according to test results, more than half of the listed filehosters can be permanently activated. In addition, there are top hosters in the list:

  • Keep2Share

Of course it is not possible to list all filehosters, but it should be expressed that the services of well-known and popular filehosters can be used by Smoozed.

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Advantages of Smoozed

Smoozed is serious, stable and also scores with many extras, which are not always intensively visible in advertising.

  • Favourable tariffs are undisputed plus points
  • access to over 40 filehosters
  • free access VPN
  • multiple downloads can run in parallel without problems
  • Plugin for Chrome and Firefox
  • Support by jDownloader
  • outstanding customer support

In principle, the advantages of a multihoster are definitely to be considered. The Smoozed Premium Account bundles the services of several filehosters, which are considerably more expensive individually with one tariff each. The top hosters are usually permanently available, so that downloads are always possible. All in all, it is much more lucrative to open an account with a multi hoster, whereby Smoozed is to be evaluated as above averagely favourable. The customer support is one of the plus points that can be found at Smoozed. The customer support can be reached by e-mail or with a contact form. In addition, a glance at the FAQ catalogue is often enough.

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How is Smoozed Premium structured

After the login the overview appears. Several functions can be activated. “My Order” informs the customer about the status of the download orders. The available buttons “Delete selected”, “Output links” or “Check again” can be activated here. The user can thus inform himself about his current status and manage the files at his leisure.

What does Smoozed promise in advertising and does it keep

Many providers promise great features and performance, but do not always deliver the desired results. Smoozed delivers what it promises:

  • Download volume 50 GB daily, 1.5 TB monthly
  • Smozeed Premium scores with 40 filehosters
  • VPN free unlimited access
  • No waiting time or annoying advertising
  • Use of the caching system, high-speed download up to 500 Mbit/s achievable

VPN protects privacy and prevents the ISP from restricting services or monitoring Internet activity. Its own caching system ensures that speed limits and waiting times are avoided. The question of whether the use via Smoozed is legal is answered with a resounding yes. Copyrighted material may of course not be loaded via Smoozed. This is probably known to every user. To bundle several services from different filehosters into one account is extremely cheap and very practical. Many customers recognized this and booked the Smoozed Premium Account. Of course it can happen that one or the other provider is no longer in the list of Smoozed, on the other hand Smoozed is trying to find new providers. For the customer it is enough to be convinced that there are enough alternatives to realize the different downloads. No customer books a tariff because of one or two specific file holders which are in the list of Smoozed. It is always the download possibilities that have to be considered, not explicit filehosters.

Payment options

Smoozed presents comprehensive payment options:

  • Credit cards, Visa and Mastercard
  • Mobile phone
  • Bitcoin
  • Paysafecard
  • the known instant bank transfer
  • Amazon Pay

It is clear that Smoozed does not accept payments by direct debit, cheque or invoice. If you want to be independent from filehosters, book the Smoozed Premium Account, which covers all established hosters. Smoozed allows the storage of up to 500 MB. Smoozed is able to overcome geoblocking with the integrated VPN.

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Test a download with 1 GB

The filehosters Uploaded, Oboom, Rapidgator, Keep2Share and Alfafile were chosen. Smoozed allows access from the browser or with jDownloader. The results in keywords:

  • Oboom, Uploaded and Turbohit worked great without problems
  • Rapidgator also worked, but with considerable delay
  • Alfafile and Keep2Share did not work at all, although Alfafile was online
  • The speed of 40 MB/s was quite acceptable

Three filehosters, which allow downloads without defects, are a good result. The tester did not deal with the less known filehosters, because even a small filehoster can bring quite outstanding performances. Smoozed is absolutely worth the money and convinces with its various functions and attractive offers.


Smoozed is the perfect multihoster with interesting features and services. The customer does not feel cheated, but is satisfied with the services. Regarding the prices there is absolutely nothing negative to say. The extras like the jDownloader, the VPN access and the legendary caching system are functions that should not be underestimated. Smoozed is currently one of the most sought-after multihosters due to the low priced offers, the high daily data volume and the mentioned extras. Usually a VPN access is quite expensive, so that a Smoozed Premium Account contains quite interesting discounts. Established filehosters naturally increase the attractiveness of Smoozed. If you decide for the Smoozed Premium Account, you don’t take a big financial risk and benefit from advantages.

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